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Blues Woman February 2015


Before every column I write, I do my homework. After asking Niecie if she would be so kind as to be my subject of interest this week I embarked on my normal task of reading up on everything that's been written about the artist and their music.That's when it struck me, what hasn't been written about this woman? Who hasn't written about this woman? What hasn't been written about her music? Who hasn't written a review about each of her CD's? The answer is literally no one has not written about Niecie and her music, so what do I do now?

What, if anything, new can I bring to this article that readers have not already read before? With all these questions swirling around in my head, I message Niecie to tell her that for the first time I have writers block and not because I don't know all the personal, groovy, really super nice stuff about her as a person, because I do, but how do I do this article justice? So, I did what any self respecting author would do, I kind of cheated, I called her! She refreshed my memory about times we shared and places we've been together and we just basically chatted for about 25 minutes and now my brain cells are firing!

I own 3 of Niecie's 4 CD's currently out for sale, missing only her freshman effort. We met on Facebook shortly after I had a massive heart attack and she was one of the very first women in blues to autograph me a CD for what is now a full blown autographed collection of women in blues! She sent me Beyond The Surface with the inscription, "Lori, Thanx 4 being a super fan". The second I received it, it went straight into the CD player and I spent the next 10 songs marveling on the many different sounds that is Niecie.

I think one of the things I most respect about Niecie is you cannot pigeon hole her, don't get me wrong, she is a blueswoman, through and through, but she also has the ability to cross over into rock, funk, soul and pop which can be evidenced by her anthology and latest CD, The Other Side. She quickly became one of my sheroes in blues and I attended the 2014 International Blues Challenge and we finally got to meet each other. As she tells the story, I am the first person she recognized as soon as she hit Beale Street and we spend most of the rest of that night together going out to support other women in blues and bands. We know when you meet someone you instantly know that you've made a friend for life, well, that's exactly how I felt after having the pleasure of her company at the 2014 IBC's.

In between Beyond The Surface, her sophomore effort and her third CD, Wanted Woman, we had occasion to spend some time in Philadelphia together (I was a part of her street team) and again see one another at the 2015 IBC's. It's a friendship I truly cherish and to this day we touch base with each other frequently, just checking up on each other, the way friends do.

Make no mistake, Niecie has been around this business for a very long time, she has cut her teeth and made her bones with some of the best of the best including, but not limited to, Johnny Neel of Allman Brothers fame,(who not only played the keys on Wanted Woman but produced it) Chris Anderson of Outlaw fame and Willie Weeks who has played bass with the likes of Eric Clapton and Etta James.

If you have not seen her live you are missing out, she is a fun loving, energetic performer that I've had the privilege of witnessing myself as she honored the Women In Blues showcase in 2014 with a show stopping performance. She has flirted with the Grammy's in three different categories, unfortunately not getting the final nod but as they say in the business, any publicity is good publicity and it is truly an honor just to be considered! I was going to give you all her bio but you can read that on her web page as well as buy any of her CD's while you are there. If you're as impressed with what you hear as I always am don't be afraid to ask your local stations, be they terrestrial or internet, to play her music, if you have a favorite venue where you live and want to see her live, tell the venue owner, Niecie lives to tour and loves to meet her fans and give it to them live. Her website is go give it a look through, discover the wonder that is Niecie Blues and buy yourself some of her CD's while you're there!

Until next week, peace & BLUES!

Lori aka the Blueswoman
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