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blue monday month 11 2014

Niecie - The Other Side

Niecie - The Other Side, Review by Doug Spike

Thank you Niecie!  I had a major case of the blues. It was Friday night and I was stuck in a traffic bottleneck wondering why the highway engineer would design a freeway interchange with five lanes merging into two.  I did what any blues fan would do in that situation: crank up the volume!  Niecie’s new CD, “The Other Side” happened to be in my player.  Lyrics from “God’s Got This..”When I’m feeling down and all alone and having a bad day…” blasted from my speakers describing my mood perfectly.  The next song, “Traffic Light” fit my attitude, too, and soon the music had my mind in a far more positive place. Thank you Niecie!

“The Other Side” is a “Best of” collection, spanning Niecie’s recording career.  To use Niecie’s own words, the album “portrays all my styles of blues..from roots rock..saucy funkin’ R & B”.  Niecie is a great singer.  Not every singer has a good voice, but Niecie’s voice is not just good, it’s great!  Whether loud or soft, Niecie brings pure clarity and control throughout her entire impressive range.  Her vocals are absolutely beautiful on “Skin To Skin” and “Harvest For The World”.  She sings with demanding strength and emotion on the title track, “I Used To Have A Brain(Then I Got Married)” and Rockin’ A Baby.

Niecie has been joined by some wonderful musicians throughout her career.  Johnny Neel on keys and Nioshi Jackson on drums are not only featured on many songs on “The Other Side”, but also produce the CD with Niecie.  I am most impressed by the numerous guitar wizards who have recorded with Niecie.  Chris Anderson, Adam Agati, Shaun Bayles,  Larry McCray, Mike Durham, Shean Smith, Shane Theriot, and John Conley all contribute.  Many, many other super talented musicians make their mark too.

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