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Blues Matters May 2014

Niecie - Wanted Woman

"Wanted Woman"
Ride the Tiger Records

This is the third album release by the USA singer called Niecie currently based in Nashville, who can certainly belt out the blues and that she additionally has a soulful streak that allows her to turndown the octaves when the mood requires.

The album has been produced by Johnny Neel who additionally adds keyboards and is just one of several high pedigree backing band musicians who lay down a really thumping rock sound that never drowns out the hard edged vocals from Niecie, who at time is very reminiscent of British Blues Artits Maggie Bell and Debbie Bonham.

Niecie has been performing for over twenty years now throughout the USA and Europe. The live skills she has gained from performing can be evidenced on the extended track Mother Nature which runs for over nine minutes but Niecie holds it all together as the band has a bit of a “freak-out”. Rocking blues with a flirtation with funk and soul is the recipe here; Niecie is definitely a Wanted Woman on the basis of these ten tracks.

Adrian Blacklee

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