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blue monday month 3 2013

Niecie - Beyond The Surface

Review by Doug Spike

Vocalist Niecie has been wowing blues fans coast to coast for over 20 years.  Take a listen to her latest release "Beyond the Surface" and you'll know why.  Niecie's compelling vocals massage your ears with both urgency and charm while telling you a different story on each of the album's ten incredible songs.  "Beyond the Surface" isn't just vocals. Niecie is backed by a host of great musicians.  I'm particularly impressed with the guitar riffs of Adam Agati and Mike Durham.

My favorite cut is the swingin' "Not No, Hell No", where Niecie shows that she can write as well as perform.  I can't play "The Other Side" without singing along.

My strong feelings about "Beyond the Surface" were reinforced with unsolicited comments from my family: Hearing "Draw the Line" for the first time, son-in-law Liberty, commented, "Are you reviewing this? It's great! She really gets in your face!". While funky "Damn Your Eyes" played, wife Kaye offered, "I really like this song! It could have been written about one of my past boyfriends."  (hmmm?)

Niecie demands, "Give it everything you got!" on "Live for the Music".  She absolutely gives it everything she's got throughout the entire album! Get your copy of "Beyond the Surface" by Niecie today!

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