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blue monday month 11 2013

Niecie - Wanted Woman

Review by Doug Spike

When I received an email from super talented vocalist Niecie telling me about her new release "Wanted Woman", I asked how quickly I could get it. The Blue Monday Monthly deadline was fast approaching and I knew athat the album would be a winner. Fortunately, we live in the electronic age and within hours, I was giving the CD my first listen. I loved the soulful singer's last release, "Beyond the Surface" and my appreciation multiplies with "Wanted Woman".

Niecie pens three of the ten songs on the CD. The title track is one of those, with tasteful harmonies delivering provocative lyrics. My favorite cut is another original, "Typical Chick" where Niecie's rockin' refrain tells the listener "Don't waste my time; don't give me no lip. I ain't your typical chick!" Niecie lays out a compelling message with a funky beat on "God's Got This". "Blues Ain't Nothin'", debuted as a single release at #2 Top 50 Blues APD Global.

Niecie is joined by a group of wonderfully talented musicians on "Wanted Woman". Of particular note is the rippin' guitar of Chris Anderson and the extrordinary keys of former Allman Brothers, Johnny Neel, who also produced the CD.

I was working on this review while sitting next to my little two year old friend Arwen, who suddenly started boogying spontaneously to the opening track "Traffic Light". If you like your blues to have great vocals, fine musicianship and inspired song writing, get "Wanted Woman". If you don't believe me, ask Arwen!

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