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bigcityblues 12-2011 to 6-2012

Niecie - Beyond the Surface

Niecie is a young lady with a big voice, busting on to the blues circuit. Raised in Motown, she set up shop in Chicago, working with Larry McCray and Magic Slim. With a stint in Las Vegas and some cruise ships before touring the East and West coasts, the girl has paid her dues. With her second CD Beyond the Surface, she's ready to dig a little deeper.

Recording three to four songs with each of three different bands, Niecie is supported by Crystal Taliefero on percussion and background vocals, and drummer Nioshi Jackson, her co-producer, who plays on all tracks.

The Etta James cover "Damn Your Eyes" with the gentle backing of Adam Agati guitar, Calvin Turner bass, Johnny Neel on keys, lets Niecie enunciate the lyrics, sharp and clipped for extra effect.

Niecie only does two of her own songs, but with both she really seems to hit her stride. She rips into "Draw the Line," featuring the band of Mike Durham on guitar, Brian Gary on keys and on bass Steve Forrest along with the original "Not No, Hell No" supported by a horn section with Shaun Bayles guitar, Jerry Navarro bass, and Jody Nardone on keys. They cover the Isley Brothers "Harvest for the World" as a lushly gentle song of peace. Adding some horns and extra keys, she swings into a classic blues ballad "Hard Times" as she drives the band with her power packed vocals. She follows with some blues shouting on the Motown classic "(I'm a) Roadrunner" letting Niecie build up to a Motor City roar.

Niecie is one lady who's doing things her way, and hopes you'll look Beyond the Surface for what's precious within.

Roger & Margaret White

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